You Should Avoid Plastic Surgery Addiction

Indeed, it is not an aesthetic addictive plastic surgery. However, generally, people who repeatedly do plastic surgery only want to add to the harmonization on their face which has changed slightly due to plastic surgery. For example, someone had a nose operation to become sharper, but after that, he began to feel his lips were less harmonious with his sharp nose. Finally, he also performed lip surgery. Another factor that influences people’s desire to do aesthetic plastic surgery is its comfort. Most people are generally afraid of having surgery for the first time. However, when the plastic surgery procedure that is felt to be far from pain, people tend to repeat it again. Therefore, we also recommend you to consult with professionals like Dr William Portuese so you will understand the risk of plastic surgery well.

Beware of body dysmorphic disorder or body interpretation

Although it may be done many times, in-depth interviews with important consultations are needed before the doctor performs aesthetic plastic surgery. Due to it is not always the reason for patients to take action that makes sense. Sometimes patients just want to look prettier, when in fact there is nothing more to improve. Sometimes the patient’s psychiatric needs to be tested when planning to do aesthetic plastic surgery, not to let the patient experience body dysmorphic disorder or body interpretation disorders.

Body dysmorphic disorder is a psychological condition when a person feels very bad, even though the original is not. A single pimple appeared on his face, he felt like someone who was the ugliest. Of course, people with the disorder should not do aesthetic plastic surgery because it will cause excessive action.

Although the pleasure a person gets from plastic surgery is not the same as pleasure from certain substances such as smoking, but this behavior does have the potential to cause addiction. Most people who have been said to be addicted to plastic surgery do so because they want to meet their physiological needs. Usually, these people feel they must look beautiful all the time.

The best way to prevent addiction to plastic surgery is to stop it before it actually happens. Plastic surgery is not a bad thing, but if done continuously and changing many things can be a bad thing.

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