Want to buy a watch? Watch Your Needs First!

In wearing a watch, everyone has their own habits. There are those who use the clock on the left hand, there are also those who wear it in the right hand. Tissot watches / automatic watches are watches that work without using battery power, but use the power of movement from the hands of the tissot watches user who is converted into a power to operate the watch.

Usually, the automatic watch has a larger body because it stores mechanical machines to move the watch automatically. The automatic clock can last for approximately 1 day even though it is not used. If the energy has run out and is dead, we only need to move it or use it and move normally.

Water resistant type watches have a waterproof feature, which allows us to use a watch when in direct interaction with water. However, Water Resistant on a watch has different levels to see from water pressure. The unit used for the level of Water Resistant is ATM (Atmosphere), Bar, and Meter (m).

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