Things That Mothers With SMI Can Do After They’ve Lost Their Child Custody

Then what if the mother with SMI has lost child custody? It’s okay if the mother feels sad, but the world won’t stop because of losing custody. There are many things that can be done by mothers with SMI (Serious Mental Illness) who have lost child custody to make peace with the event. On the other hand, if you’re worried about the way your ex-husband takes care of your child, you may want to hire the best private detective.

Here are tips for mothers with Serious Mental Illness who have lost their child custody:

Continue the counseling and therapy needed. Counseling and therapy can show the mother’s strong desire and effort to recover. This can also be used as legal evidence in the next court that the mother has tried to manage her mental disorders well.

Don’t think too much about other people’s words about losing custody. Outsiders never know the real events that occur in the household. Mothers can do everything maximally but other people think otherwise. Not thinking too much about other people’s words can also prevent the mother from feeling guilty and ashamed.

Take control of yourself. When the mother loses custody, the mother will feel lost control. Try to take over the control. Try doing hobbies and other fun things. Focus thoughts on something that can be controlled, not something that is lost.

Try to develop your own capacity. When you’re not with your child, focus your thoughts on developing yourself. Do something new and understand yourself.

Make peace with yourself. Don’t blame what happened to yourself. The world will not collapse now and mothers still have time to fight for child custody again.

Give a break between the judge’s decision and the next attempt to take child custody. Give yourself time to develop better before returning to claim custody.

Use the maximum time for legal visits with children. When losing custody, the time to meet with children is significantly reduced. Mothers need to maximize the time they have to maintain good relationships with children. Convince the child that the mother will always be there for them even though the mother does not live with them.

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