These Are Some Ferrari Cars With Bad Designs

Ferrari is known as one of the best sports car icons at exorbitant prices. The radical design of the Italian manufacturer has become the mecca of other manufacturers in designing sport vehicles. The models are known to be cool and become the target of world collectors. Although known to be good at designing a car with a ‘sexy’ design, it turns out Ferrari never issued bad design concept cars. The cars are even too bad if produced. Aside from that, if you really want to rent the excellently-designed supercars, we recommend you to visit a trusted luxurious car rental’s website.


Here is a list of Ferrari concept cars with bad designs:

Pininfarina Sergio

The list of the first concept cars is Ferrari Sergio by Pininfarina. The name of this concept car is to honor Sergio Pininfarina who died a year before debuting at the Geneva Motor Show, Switzerland, in 2013.

Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio is the base of the Ferrari 458 which does not have a windshield, so it is very difficult to distinguish the front and rear. Certain design elements were inspired by the original 1965 Dino concept from Sergio Pininfarina’s handwriting. Sergio was produced in 2015 as many as six units.

Ferrari Mythos

It has a base from Ferrari Testarossa. This concept designed by Pininfarina is very slim and very aerodynamic. The engine can produce 390 horsepower just like the 12.9-liter parallel Testarrosa engine. Although not being produced, this concept car evolved into a Ferrari F50 that is more beautiful and sexy.

Ferrari F150 Tensostruttura

Ferrari F150 Tensostruttura gets into a bad Ferrari concept car. Tensostruttura F150 is much better when made and becomes LaFerrari today.

The original concept looks out of shape with a slit lamp. Fortunately, LaFerrari restored everything with a stunning design.

Peter Simon’s Ferrari Enzo

Peter Simon is a clever designer and is famous for writing ‘E-Bone’ design languages for various city buses.

He also worked on the Ferrari Enzo design, with Salvador Dali also involved in this concept. However, the Italian company did not want to deal with this and never approached production.

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