Know more about VPS and Cloud-Based Web Hostings

Your blog traffic is too much so that your blog can’t be accessed because hosting is problematic and can’t accommodate the number of your visitors who are too heavy? Just take it easy. I highly recommend you use VPS. Although if you’ve got a low budget, your new website may use the affordable $1 hosting.

Why do you have a VPS?

Because the VPS uses virtualization technology. In other words, you have a hosting “like” in one device alone and not shared with other users. So, in one device it only functions to store your website data.

VPS performance is almost the same as a server device that is not shared. By the way, the VPS stands for Virtual Private Server.

Although VPS Hosting rental rates are more expensive than ordinary hosting like Shared Hosting, but the quality of VPS Hosting is guaranteed and no doubt. You can also choose the RAM and CPU capacity that suits your needs.

Aside from that, you also need to know about the cloud-based web hosting.

From the name alone it can be seen that this hosting uses “cloud” technology at work. It means “cloud” is the principle like a cloud in the sky.

So, essentially cloud-based web hosting works by referring to hundreds or even thousands of servers. In other words, hundreds of thousands of individual servers work together in managing data on the websites of people (including you).

The principle is like a cloud, which is formed from small clouds that are collected and become a strong unity. These little clouds are individual servers. Then if it has been collected it will become a large cloud called cloud-based web hosting.

Of course, this cloud-based web hosting technology has a vital advantage, that is if your website/blog deals with traffic/visitors that is too much, cloud hosting (if you use it) will accommodate the traffic so that your website is not down and can still be accessed by visitors.