What Is Balsamic Vinegar?

Natural salad recipes and Italian dishes are often called balsamic vinegar. What is vinegar and how is it used for cooking? Balsamic vinegar or balsamic vinegar from Italy. Originally from the Modena region and the Emilia Region. This vinegar is reddish-brown in color, the liquid in shape and packaged in a glass bottle with a unique design. The aroma is sharp and sour with a fresh sour taste. Is the result of fermented cooked grape juice to shrink. It does not come from vinegar like most cooking vinegar. Meanwhile, perhaps you want to know the news about banned balsamic vonegar as well.

This vinegar is classified as a classic food ingredient because it has been produced since the Middle Ages. This vinegar has a nice sour taste that is delicious and is widely used for meat sauce, salad sauce or natural sour flavor enhancer in soup. It can be bought at supermarkets at a rather expensive price, but it’s usually worth the money if you enjoy its fresh sour taste.