How Does SEO Work For You?

How does the SEO actually work? SEO is not a magic mantra nor is mysticism used to increase the popularity of websites. SEO is more than just that bullshit. SEO is a matter of process, consistency, and something that can be measured easily. It’s just that, have we really known the SEO work system? You can read this article even more if you are seeking the best atlanta seo company.

– SEO works based on search engine algorithms

Not many people understand complicated math that is used by search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. This complicated mathematics or what is often called an algorithm that determines many things. One of those things is the website that ranks the top searches in the search engine. On Google, Lary Page, one of Google’s founders, named the algorithm are used as PageRank (PR). This algorithm system works by calculating the number and quality of a website to the degree of how important the website is. Google itself periodically update the algorithms they use. SEO must follow the development of the algorithm system used by search engines.

– SEO works with existing data

Does SEO use new data? Does SEO create its own uniqueness? All data is neatly organized with web crawling on Google. This system is used to store billions of data that have been published via the internet. If you want to get a place on the front page of Google, then you have to steal the ‘attention’ of this search engine. How to? Use existing data. You must expand the use of words or sentences that are often searched for by search engine users. You must understand that the slogan “user first” is the truth. Reliable SEO will use existing and popular data to attract attention. One trick that is usually used is to build a fan base that matches the SEO used. If you plan to use the services of an SEO expert, ask them to make a case study and research project first. Also, you should ask about how they measure the effectiveness of website optimization.

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