Home Door Key Parts

Door locks are one of the components of doors and windows that play a role in maintaining the security of a house. Therefore it is good for our door locks to use good quality products, especially for main doors and other doors that are related to the outside of the building. People hire cardiff locksmith when they have a broken locking system. The professionals know what they should do. He has experience, skill, and knowledge. Some of them have a certificate and license. Before you decide whether or not you need locksmith service, you must be sure that you are familiar with the part of the door key. You can choose the key easily if you know all parts of the door key as follows.

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This type is divided into lever handle and pull handle. Big doors usually use the handle of a lock. Besides that, there is also a lever handle plate model. This type does not require escutcheon. The material is divided into a stainless steel or chrome iron plates. The material is solid.

Lockcase or Mortise Lock

It is commonly referred to as a key body is the key part of the door that has the most role in determining home security. The key body is installed in the middle of the door by punching one side of the door and is between 90-100 cm from the floor surface


A cylinder is the most important component of the door lock this part determines whether a door lock product has good resistance or not. People usually choose full brass for good quality cylinder.


People sometimes call it as a key ring. Its function is to tidy up the door lock. It also works to cover the cylinder hole to make it look neat.

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